IEF 20th Annual Conference, 7-9 October, Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Nur University, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 7-9 October 2016
on the theme
Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals as communities and individuals

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Corruption, Morality and Religion

Corruption, morality and religion

Arthur Lyon Dahl
International Environment Forum

The world is becoming a more dangerous place, with a loss of shared values, the rise of unpredictable leaders, the increasing concentration of wealth and power, the rejection of science, logic, expertise and even truth, increasing xenophobia and polarization, a disregard for the needs and desires of the young and of future generations, the headlong destruction of environmental resources and life-support systems, the destabilization of the climate, and a debt-driven economic and financial system raping the planet for short-term profit. These contrary winds are sweeping away many hopeful signs of progress from the past, and seem to be leading us to a catastrophe of multiple dimensions and unimaginable consequences. The parallel with the 1930s is frightening.

Leaves - November IEF newsletter is available

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Ultrasociety (book review)

Ultrasociety (book review)

Peter Turchin. 2016. Ultrasociety: how 10,000 years of war made humans the greatest cooperators on earth. Chaplin, Connecticut: Beresta Books. 266 p.

Book review by Arthur Lyon Dahl, International Environment Forum

Peter Turchin continues his scientific exploration of history and the rise and fall of civilizations in his new book: Ultrasociety. I have previously reviewed his 2006 book War and Peace and War and his significant paper published in Nature in 2010 Political instability may be a contributor in the coming decade which warned of the kind of problems we see emerging in many countries today and which predicted a major crisis by 2020.

ECPD Conference on Globalization and Regionalization

ECPD Conference on Globalization and Regionalization

The European Center for Peace and Development of the University for Peace established by the United Nations, held its 12th ECPD International Conference at the City Hall in Belgrade, Serbia, 28-29 October 2016. IEF President Arthur Dahl has collaborated with EPCD for nine years., contributing to their annual conferences in the Western Balkans.

UNEP Executive Director speaks at Baha'i House of Worship in India

Erik Solheim, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Prorogramme (UNEP), spoke on "Faith and Environment" at the Baha'i House of Worship (Lotus Temple) in New Delhi, India, on Wednesday 5 October 2016, with more than hundred people attending from the diplomatic corps, representatives of civil society groups and faith-based organizations, academics, students and journalists.

International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health

3rd International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health

Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic, 28-31 August 2016

The 3rd International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health was held in Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic, on 28-31 August 2016, organized by International Environment Forum member Friedo Zölzer of the University of South Bohemia. More than 20 specialists in medicine, physics, toxicology, epidemiology, environmental science, technology, philosophy, ethics, law and governance from around the world shared multidisciplinary perspectives on the interface between science and ethics in managing the risks that environmental factors present for health.

High-quality Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Implementing the SDGs

High-quality Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Implementing the SDGs

IEF member Minu Hemmati is a leader in multi-stakeholder partnerships and has prepared the following blog at .

By Minu Hemmati, CatalySD, and Felix Dodds, Global Research Institute, 16 August 2016

Second Geneva Workshop on the SDGs

Second Workshop on Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

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