The International Environment Forum and its members often contribute to events and forums organized by its partners and others. Many of these are first reported on the home page and in our newsletter, and then are listed here for future reference. These are in addition to our annual conference reports, contributions to the United Nations, our webinars, and more regular activities with other partners.

The following list is in reverse chronological order with the most recent on top.

Global Solidarity Conversations and Accounting
A Community Approach

revised 27 September 2022

Green nature is good for you, blue is better
blog by Arthur Dahl
15 August 2022

Global Solidarity Accounting
Arthur Lyon Dahl, revised and updated, Version 8
22 July 2022

Reflections on Stockholm+50
blog by Arthur Lyon Dahl
13 June 2022

Interfaith Prayers for the success of Stockholm+50
Organised by the Swedish Interfaith Council
in Mynttorget Square close to the Parliament building
1 June 2022

Global Environmental Governance:
Ethical Foundations & Practical Proposals
in an Age of Interdependence

Bahá'í International Community
in the Swedish Parliament at Stockholm+50
1 June 2022

Stockholm+50 side event with UN agencies
2 June 2022

The other energy crisis
blog by Arthur Lyon Dahl
27 May 2022

Stockholm+50 Interfaith Statement
Prepared by UNEP Faith for Earth
Endorsed by the International Environment Forum
24 May 2022

Accelerating integrated action for a healthy planet and prosperity of all
Stockholm+50 Side Event with IEF President Arthur Dahl
2 June 2022

Building effective multilateralism for the environment
policy brief by Sylvia Karlsson-Vinhuyzen and Arthur Dahl
for the UN Secretary-General's
High Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism
23 May 2022

Introduction to Global Systems Accounting
Zoom sessions for ebbf-Ethical Business Building the Future
annual conference in Lisbon
13-14 May 2022

Launch of Global Systems Accounting
A new issue area on the IEF website
30 April 2022

Aspirations and Possibilities

Our Common Agenda Discussion Series
Baha'i International Community and the Coalition for the UN We Need
5 May 2022

From Stockholm and back
Portrait of Arthur Dahl in Sveriges Natur (in Swedish)
27 April 2022

Principles requisite for climate action
Indore Bahá’í Chair
14 April 2022

Navigating the Urgent Transition Toward Sustainability
Wilmette Institute Webinar
with IEF President Arthur Dahl
6 April 2022

Addressing Major Threats to Human Security

Global Governance Forum Virtual Panek Discussion
24 March 2022

Challenging Economic Assumptions Driving Climate Change
Arthur Lyon Dahl at Global Governance Forum
20 March 2022

Humanity at a Crossroads – Breakdown or Breakthrough
Civil Society Declaration for Stockholm+50
16 March 2022

Planet Under Pressure 2012
scientific conference in London, England
26-29 March 2012

Last updated 19 October 2022