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The Gap Between Political Rhetoric and Environmental Action

Submitted by Aroosa on 12. August 2023 - 9:02

Life on earth is in danger. Our environment is changing faster than scientists anticipate. The increasing loss of biodiversity, mass extinction, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts to rising sea levels, crop waste are the symptoms of political inaction. The gap between political rhetoric and environmental action in the context of global efforts to combat climate change has been a subject of debate since long; however, has become a subject of concern and scrutiny, particularly since the adoption of the Paris Accord in 2015.

Ego and Ecocide

Submitted by Aroosa on 19. June 2023 - 9:21

The Politics of ego and economic greed have never ceased to drive the world’s events. After WWII, Russia-Ukraine conflict has become the largest military conflict in history. The use of a large amount of military equipment including all types of conventional weapons, involving thousands of armed men from both sides has claimed many lives. Under such vile circumstances where human lives do not matter, the environment is suffering largely as well.

Green In the Light of Bahai'i Faith

Submitted by Aroosa on 2. May 2023 - 21:00

In the Bahá'í Faith, the color green has symbolic significance, particularly in relation to nature and the environment. Green is often associated with growth, vitality, and regeneration, and it is a color that is frequently used in Bahá'í art and architecture. In the Bahá'í teachings, the natural world is viewed as a reflection of the divine, and therefore, it is worthy of protection and respect.

Developing Countries Amid Need for Development and Noise Pollution Dilemma

Submitted by Aroosa on 2. April 2023 - 18:14

Noise pollution is a global problem, but developing countries are more burdened with balancing amid development and controlling noise pollution than developed countries because they face a unique set of challenges related to economic growth, urbanization, and social equity. In contrast, developed countries have more resources and infrastructure to effectively regulate and manage noise pollution. It does not imply that developing countries are more responsible for causing noise pollution than developed countries.

Leading Ladies of Environment Defense

Submitted by Aroosa on 4. March 2023 - 17:26

Women in a variety of professions have emerged and influenced at regional and global level. Among other areas, besides wonderful male environmentalists, women are contributing to the environmental movement as well. Here are some beautiful leading ladies of environment who are doing phenomenal work for our mutual home, planet earth.

Erin Brockovich

Deep Ocean Mining against Common Heritage of Mankind

Submitted by Aroosa on 15. January 2023 - 17:49

The competition between growing economic needs of mankind is winning against the natural world; the fact humans are unable to understand is that it would be integrated fall. The demise of nature would be the end of all developments. Humans after devouring the terrestrial resources, are now ready to exploit ocean minerals at an absolutely irrational rate.

Armed Conflicts and Weaponization: the Biggest Threat to Biodiversity

Submitted by Aroosa on 29. December 2022 - 10:31

Armed conflict and weaponization which are the manifestations of human beings continues to have a devastating impact on biodiversity around the world. Existing species are disappearing more than the pace on which new species on earth are being discovered. Nearly 1.8 million different species exist on our planet, including 280,000 in the seas and oceans. Every year, 15,000 species are being added to biodiversity, while the discovery mission is far from over yet.