e-learning centre on sustainable development


The IEF e-learning centre is a place for you to start learning about sustainable development,
and also to find resources that you can use to teach others about it


Short do-it-yourself course on sustainable development
A course in 6 modules that you can study at your own pace

Scientific and Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change
An Interfaith Study Course in 9 classes

Les dimensions scientifiques et spirituelles du changement climatique
A French Interfaith Study Course in 5 classes
Un cours interreligieux en français en 5 modules

Las dimensiones científicas y espirituales del cambio climatico (pdf)
A Spanish Interfaith Study Course in 5 classes
Una clase entrereligiosa en español en 5 modulos

Community Materials on Climate Change
Prepared by the United States Baha'i Community for the Preach-in on Global Warming 2011
including Devotional Readings and supplemental materials for Junior Youth and Children's Classes

Families as Agents of Change:
Collectively Advancing Efforts to Build a Just and Sustainable Society

Baha'i Writings and passages for five days of study, prepared by the U.S. Baha'i Community, 2015

The Story of Stuff: A Baha'i-inspired Program for Youth
Six units on responsible consumption to accompany the famous video 2018

Values-based learning and indicators for education for responsible living and sustainability
Three toolkits for students, teachers and secondary schools
created with the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) 2015

Short video clips by IEF members on themes of environment and sustainable development

Rural Environmental Management training materials
Simple materials for use in rural areas of developing countries
in 40 modules for community use or self instruction

UNESCO Global Action Programme
successor to the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014
Access to resources and activities concerning this UNESCO-led effort.

A page introducing indicators of sustainability
and some of the most important activities in this area

Case studies
Practical activities that are bringing more sustainability

Group exercises on sustainable development and spirituality
Selected texts for discussion in small groups or study circles

Things you can do
Practical suggestions for changing your lifestyle

Presentations and recordings on sustainable development
Presentations (powerpoints) and audio recordings to inspire and educate
(large files)

Baha'i writings on sustainable development
A compilation of quotations by sustainability topics
also available in French [français]

IEF Sustapedia
An encyclopedia of environment and sustainable development (not updated)

Reading list
Suggested books for further reading

Useful materials on sustainability from other sites


The Eco Principle:
Radio interview by Andrew Singer in Budapest with IEF President Arthur Dahl
November 2005 (mp3 - 1 hour)

A spiritual approach to climate and the environment
Radio interview with Peter Adriance on radiobahai, http://www.wlgi.org in Georgia, USA
November 2013


Group exercises on Education for Sustainable Development and Spirituality
Selected texts from Engaging People in Sustainability and the Baha'i writings

Spiritual Reflections
Two part programme of inspiring stories of Baha'is, and quotations from Baha'u'llah
originally used at the 9th IEF Conference


Presentations combining beautiful photographs and texts from sacred scriptures
and other writings, suitable for opening meetings or creating a meditative atmosphere.
A musical accompaniment could be added, and the texts read out loud

Reflections on Creation (5.3mb)
prepared by Peter Adriance

Devotional about Richard St.Barbe Baker, "Man of the Trees" (7.8mb)
prepared for the 11th IEF Conference

Other Devotional Materials


Last updated 11 May 2019