Coal based power plant

Submitted by mhbl on 31. August 2018 - 9:05
I have a objection about coal based power plant. This type of plant use huge amount coal that create so much air pollution. Not only that it also pollut water, soil. and that pollut air, water and soil harmful to all bio diversity. This kinds of power system is most harmful than any other power system. It destroys our environment, destroys  life. it causes diseases. we want that this type of power plant  should not be continue more. And the plants which are running on should be shut down as early as possible. we have to work about it. we have to make pressure on the governments of country's that move on coal base power plant. we have to save our biodiversity. By the coal base plant our environment becomes destroy. So let's progress to stop coal base power plant. At least this type of plant should not be develope on the environmentally critical area such as forest, agricultural fields, sea area or sea beach, river etc. We have to pick up this subject on our forum and discuss about it.