Global Governance and Sustainability

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Global Governance and Sustainability

IEF webinar 6 December 2020

The International Environment Forum organized its first webinar on 6 December, with IEF President Arthur Dahl speaking on Global Governance and Sustainability.

Many of today's existential threats including climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion, and mass population displacements are interrelated and can only be managed effectively at the global level. Yet, present mechanisms for global environmental governance are woefully inadequate to the need for urgent action all around the world. The good efforts of some are neutralized if not reversed by the contrary actions of others. We shall explore recent proposals for global governance for the 21st century that could finally manage the necessary transition to sustainability while embodying the principles of world federalism and the oneness of humanity.

The YouTube recording can be seen here. The full text of the paper is available here.

His powerpoint presentation with the main content can be downloaded here.

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