IEF 22nd Conference

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2018 July 10-14
New York City, USA

Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies

22nd Annual Conference of the International Environment Forum
in support of the
United Nations High Level Political Forum
New York, 9-18 July 2018

The 22nd Annual Conference of the International Environment Forum will be a series of activities in support of the UN High Level Political Forum on sustainable development (HLPF) in New York on 9-18 July 2018. The events are planned primarily to allow participation at a distance, to avoid the cost and environmental impact of many members travelling to New York. The programme of activities will be updated on the web site as more information becomes available.

The IEF has already provided inputs to the official Scientific and Technological Major Group paper for the HLPF.

We are co-sponsoring and contributing to the side event that PERL is organizing at Scandinavian House on 12 July from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Education for Sustainable Lifestyles Workshop
HLPF 12 July 2018, 9am-1pm
Volvo Hall, Scandinavian House
58 Park Avenue, New York City

This workshop is organized by The Partnership for Education and Research About Responsible Living (PERL)

Join us in learning how sustainable lifestyles can become more desirable, accessible and normal.

Assuming your goal is to live a healthier, happier more sustainable life, then how do you achieve that? Whose responsibility is it to change existing unsustainable aspirations and systems into ones that promote sustainable development for all? Whether we function in governments, business, advertising, civil society, education, or simply as individuals we all face the fundamental challenge of contributing in one way or another to the shift towards more sustainable ways of living.

This workshop is organized as an interactive game in which everyone participates including the panel of invited international experts. We will explore what sustainable lifestyles are and who has what responsibility for making sustainable lifestyles the norm and not the exception.

The game will help us examine essential ingredients of living well: family and community, time as a resource, freedom and discovery, and balancing obligations and wishes. It will assist us in reflecting on relevant strategies for achieving sustainable lifestyles—strategies such as deciphering the systemic nature of lifestyles, taking advantage of life stages and transitions, accommodating diversity in lifestyles, and engaging in collective action.

IEF members Victoria Thoresen and Arthur Dahl are among the international experts who will be participating in the workshop.

Victoria Thoresen is also contributing to an educational activity in the UN Building on 11 July.


Beyond these in-site activities, some IEF members are preparing short video clips of 10 minutes or less on the themes of the 2018 HLPF from an IEF perspective. Participants will be invited to view these at their leisure during the HLPF (or after). This will be more convenient than trying to attend an event at some difficult location. The full list with links will be provided on this web page before the HLPF and will also be publicized in other media.

Initial examples are:

Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies

by Arthur Dahl at

"Responsible consumption and production" (SDG12)

by Arthur Dahl at

The IEF Annual General Assembly will be held separately over the Internet after the HLPF. An announcement will be sent to all IEF members with instructions on how to participate.

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